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Home Edition

$99.95 – Order Box

$99.95 – Download 

With Dragon, simply by speaking to your computer, you can create and format documents, e-mail, blog, update Facebook and Twitter, launch applications and even search the Web.

Dragon works three times faster than a person can type, with up to 99% accuracy straight out of the box, so your creativity isn’t slowed down by typing or spelling.

  • Dragon Home includes everything you need to get started, including a step-by-step interactive tutorial and a high-quality headset microphone.
  • Simple to install, easy to train and fun to use, there is no faster, easier or more convenient way to get things done on your PC at home or school.
  • Dragon 13 includes six accent models: Australian, Southeast Asian, Indian, English, Canadian and American.

Use with Nuance-approved Bluetooth headsets, handheld pocket recorders, or Pocket PC’s


Premium Edition

$199.95 – Order Box

$199.95 – Download

Dragon 13 Premium Edition gives small- business and advanced PC users the potential to do more. Includes all the features of the Home Edition PLUS:

  • Use a Nuance-approved digital voice recorder or a compatible wireless device to record thoughts anywhere, at any time; Dragon automatically transcribes the audio files to text at your PC
  • Use a wireless headset for superior comfort and mobility; wideband Bluetooth support delivers exceptional recognition performance
  • Natural sounding text-to-speech reads back editable text for easy proofing or multitasking
  • Customise commands to complete routine PC tasks faster than ever before.
  • Dragon 13 includes six accent models: Australian, Southeast Asian, Indian, English, Canadian and American.

Dragon Dictate for Mac

$199.95 – Order Box

$199.95 – Download

Dragon® Dictate for Mac®, v4, is the ultimate productivity tool. Dictate, edit, transcribe and control your MAC all by using your voice. Dragon’s accurate speech recognition, customizable capabilities, easy-to-use interface and full transcription flexibility means you get more done – at home, school or work – quickly and accurately.

Dragon Dictate for Mac now includes the powerful capability to transcribe an audio file of any single speakers’ voice from podcasts or pre-recorded audio files. Great for transcribing college lectures, interviews, recorded notes, and more!

Accurate and fast speech recognition, plus versatile transcription capabilities all in one.

  • Speed and accuracy - With up to 99% accuracy out of the box, make fewer edits and get more done, up to three-times faster than typing.
  • Convenience - Dragon has been tested on virtually all the apps and programs you use, so you can do what you want to do without a second thought
  • Usability - Dragon is naturally intuitive – it doesn’t take time to learn. It works almost out-of-the-box so you can start saving time sooner.

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Dragon and the passion of writing

“Renowned Australian children’s author, Jacqueline Harvey, uses Nuance’s Dragon NaturallySpeaking to help her write her novels and keep abreast of her hectic work schedule.”

Jacqueline Harvey

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Dragon eases the creative process

“Dragon easily keeps pace with me and quickly captures my thoughts so that I’m not losing or forgetting any vital information”

Evan Sutter
Author of Scribbles on the Wall

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Teacher overcomes writing impediments

“With the release of Dragon 13 everything changed for me because I now had access to real capability that could help me override my impairments”.

Matt Buttsworth,
Author of ‘How to beat Dyslexia & Dysgraphia’